September 2021 Release Announcement

2 min readFeb 9, 2022

Hey Everyone,

The team has been tirelessly working over the past year to redesign the LitCheck app from head to toe and it’s finally here! Our early beta version of the LitCheck app is live on both the IOS app store and Google Play available for download today!

We’re so thankful for all of the feedback you’ve provided and we wanted you to be the first to access the new version.

What to look out for…

We have made significant changes to the appearance of the brand including everything from the logo to the in-app experience. Functionally, the app has also been improved to support more venues, filtering, inviting friends, improved litness rating and reporting, personalized recommendations, and more!

Some issues in the app that you might notice are the following:

  • Facebook login working inconsistently
  • Change Password under Settings > User Profile not working consistently
  • Personalized Suggestions appear to be prefilled in at times
  • Occasional crash when navigating from Discover to Settings
  • Sign up > Date of Birth formatting is funky

These are known issues that we are working to get resolved as soon as possible but we apologize in advance if any occur.

What we still need help with!

We want to be real with you. The app has undergone major changes since the last time you accessed it but that doesn’t mean we’re done improving it. This latest version is just the beginning! Over the next couple of months, we will continue releasing updates in beta so there might be a few quirks that still exist.

Our ask of you is that as you experience the new LitCheck app, you report anything jank you might see here. We value all feedback, including suggestions for continued improvement!

Thank you so much for your continued interest and support in LitCheck!

Access the new app by clicking on the store links below:

Let’s get lit! 🔥

Rachel West
CEO | Founder
LitCheck, LLC.




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