January/February 2022 Release Announcement

Hey Everyone,

The latest update of the LitCheck app is finally here! This update marks another milestone for us as we introduce the early version of our redesigned point system and rewards page.

We’re so thankful for all of the feedback you’ve provided and we wanted you to be the first to access the new beta version, available on both the iOS App Store and Google Play for download today!

What to look out for…

There are new fixes to remedy these issues:

  • Sign up button wasn’t active after entering all required information

We have added some exciting new features:

  • Onboarding Analytics

Some issues in the app that you might notice are the following:

  • Favorites functionality is no longer consistently working

We are working to resolve all these issues by the next update and apologize in advance if anything occurs.

What we still need help with!

We greatly appreciate any and all feedback you have to offer on the app experience. Despite our hard work there are always going to be kinks to work out when it comes to software. Although we tried our best to catch issues before launching the app, we acknowledge that sometimes sh*t happens. We are never done improving the app.

As always, our ask of you is that as you experience the new LitCheck app, you report anything jank you might see here! We truly value all feedback and suggestions. Thank you so much for your interest and support in LitCheck!

Let’s get lit 🔥

Rachel West
CEO | Founder
LitCheck, LLC.



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